XXX/ March 3, 1960

♣ to be honest: i think privacy is a fundamental right, we have to fight for. but it is not convenient, believe me.

♣ as i was younger i avoided streets with cctv and took a longer detour if necessary. if it was not possible to reach a destination without cctv en route, than i avoided that area completely. out of protest. that was maybe 15-20 years ago (remember the movie ‘minority report’?). the older you get, the more you develop yourself, but face also the possibility to loose some of your principles. maybe some of them are a little bit extreme at times. anyway.

♣ what to do in this day and age? ‘virtual cctv’ in the digital world is much harder to avoid. either you don’t surf online or you have to get prior knowledge (vpn, tor etc.) and compromise on convenience. (convenience will kill us!)

♣ solution 1: cloak your selfies so ai technology cannot use your online selfies and is not able to recognize your real face in comparison with cloaked selfies. the human eye is hardly able to recognize the difference. great tool, but less convenient.

♣ solution 2: don’t have a white face. don’t have a face with ‘male’ features. if your a ‘black woman’ = jackpot. current face recognition technology has trouble recognizing black faces. convenient AF, but not an option for most people. also future technology will certainly overcome the challenges of ‘black’ faces. #BLM

♣ solution 3: use pictures of people that don’t exist. to be honest: this is supported by ai technology. through a generative adversarial network to be precise. visit here and have fun reading this.